Short Run / Digital


After years of research, Triangle has finally launched its NEW digital packaging (folding & promotional cartons & marketing collateral division). We can now offer our clients the latest in digital innovation & technology that is capable of printing from a 40# text weight sheet of paper up to a 20 pt board grade. Furthermore, this technology includes a LARGER format size that will provide you the Marketer/Brand Owner with the flexibility to run larger format projects affordably.


Also featured is our variable information capabilities, allowing you the flexibility to personalize your packaging AND marketing collateral. These capabilities are ideal for testing new product launches (gender-specific text colors/images, geographic themes, etc.), versioning, sequential, random bar codes, languages/ethnic, prototypes, short run for special events and seasonal promotions. Let us help find the right solution before launching your brand promotion.

Sell More Product

Our goal is to help your packaging stand-out. So, we are NOW offering you a host of affordable decorations like, foil stamping, embossing, spot UV coating (in an assortment of unique textures). You now have the option of printing onto foil, or a recycled/ sustainable board by using an opaque white ink and then printing over it, thereby creating unique effects.

We can also provide a scratch off coating for security purposes or a scratch-n-sniff coating to tantalize your senses.

Client Testimonial

"As a distributor, it is great to work with a supplier like Triangle Printing, particularly in such a competitive marketplace. They have helped us open up many new opportunities, as well as solidified our existing relationships, by adding packaging services to our capabilities. Although we value their teamís constant diligence on all our work, we especially appreciate the uncommon ability to engineer a package from scratch and give us a mock-up to share with our customer. This has set us apart from the competition many times."
Joe Grande, President - Communications Graphics

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